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(原 雅明 rings プロデューサー)

PLIPP is a side-project of drummer Felipe Continentino, who has been exploring electronic music for some time, mostly related to thematic soundtracks. Ephemeral is the result of two years of experimentation, and features elements that range from acid to ambient, downtempo, IDM and synth-pop. The album presents well-elaborated lines, at times harmonious, at times dark. Original beats that go beyond electronic with interventions on acoustic drums give the 13 tracks album a unique flair. Influenced by Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Bibio, Flying Lotus and more. Everything, from the album to the cover, were created at Felipe's own home studio, in the best DIY style.

アーティスト : PLIPP(プリッピ)
タイトル :  Ephemeral(エフェメラル)

発売日 : 2017/12/06

価格 : 2,130円 + 税

レーベル/品番 : rings (RINC35)

フォーマット : CD

©️PLIPP / ℗rings / diskunion

Tracklist : 

1. Egoctrenic
2. Nostalgia
3. Miniacid
4. Boards
5. Garbaj
6. Tape This Glass
7. Rita?
8. Hopeful
9. Ondah
10. Endlesstars
11. Unheard
12. UGC00180
 13. Lunar Paint
14. Wee Ja
15. N F M
16. Obie Seq JPN
17. Iruman
18. Poly Jaguar

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